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2013 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Bet Hesa Cat
Snappy, cowy, quick is how we describe Doodles! You got to hang on to this one, he will make his presence known on those cattle. He has a got a flashy look and is one that will catch everyone’s attention. He tries hard on every move made and will not give up. Strong, healthy gelding that will be a competitive athlete for many years to come.
2012 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
NCHA money earner with great intensity and an incredible eye for a cow, Floyd is a show stopper. He has a very flashy, big stop with big sweep to follow. The more you let him go, the better this guy will work his cow. An open caliber horse that will most definitely be taking you to the winners circle in style!
2011 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Harley is an NCHA money earner of close to $4000 with lots of experience in all levels of penning and sorting. Harley will be one you can always count on to be there. Extremely correct, cowy, and has a big presence on the cattle. Her sweet demeanor and attitude makes being around her so enjoyable. All you have to do with this talented mare is hold on and let her do her job!
2009 Gray Quarter Horse Mare
This adorable girl is an NCHA money earner of over $5,500 that catches everyones eye. Heaven has got such a neat presence on a cow. She is in loud and will not loose a cow or quit until the job is done. This small yet mighty mare covers ground and has got style on the cattle. Heaven can take anyone of any level very far!
2011 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
If you want a fancy broke horse that will be the same day in and day out, you want Legs! Her sire, Peptoboonsmal’s offspring have earned in total over $20 million dollars. Legs is a NCHA money earner of $4500 that has the best foundations with perfect amount of experience in the penning and sorting. A great minded mare with a gentle and honest attitude who makes every run easy and fun. Nothing gets past this girl, and she never quits. All heart, Legs will be one you can count on for a very long time.
2009 Red Roan Quarter Horse Gelding
One of the most talented and correct horses you will come across! He was shown successfully as a reining cowhorse and it definitely shows. He is a gentle gelding, yet gets the jobs done with ease and moves to make you fall in love. His flashy color is an eye catcher, but wait till you see this one work a cow. Mint has the ability to be a big winner wherever he is taken! Great minded gelding with amazing athletic talent.
2001 Bay Quarter Horse Mare
B.B is a 16 year old mare that is as gorgeous as she is athletic. She is as easy to ride as they come, any level rider will be competitive on the mare. She is well mannered and ready to take you to the pay window.
2005 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
This is one cool mare. She’s got everything you’re looking for in a horse. Extremely cowy and gritty. Has been shown by both open and amateur riders. Great in the gate and has a ton of heart, best of both with this girl. Low headed, big motor, and great shape on a cow. This one will put you right were you need to be, in the winners circle!
2007 Bay Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Playgun
It doesn’t get much better than this gelding right here. Bones is an own son of Playgun, with High Brow Cat and Smart Little Lena on the bottom side. He is an absolute joy to ride. You will never have to worry about your horse again, in and out of the pen. With all the right moves and as broke as they come, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride with Bones. Come get on this gelding and see for yourself.
2005 Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding
This flashy gelding can do it all. He was started as a working cow horse and it sure shows. He's broke and ready to work in the show pen for you. Take him penning where he will absolutely dominate his cow, or take him barrel racing where he will run and place with the best of em. Regardless of what you do, you won’t be disappointed with Casey.
2011 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
2010 Chestnut Quarter Horse Mare
This is one athletic mare, who lives up to her name. She takes more of a capable rider, but will completely surprise you. You can take her anywhere you want go, whether its dragging calves to the fire at a branding, or penning some cattle on the weekend. Come check out this mare, she won't last long!
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
This guy is absolutely gorgeous. Chrome has won close to $30,000 in NCHA. This adorable gelding will absolutely melt your heart. He has a ton of try and will fit any level rider. If your looking for a step up as well as a safe horse for the kids to play on, look no further.
2010 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
This good looking little gelding is the real people pleaser. Cricket has a ton of cow and even more heart. He’s been shown by open riders all the way to beginners. Soft face, huge stop, extremely broke with lots of feel. Great rate on cattle and a super fancy style. This is one gelding you will be proud to own.
2012 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Dwight is very, very gritty! He is an NCHA money earner of over $6,000 and that talent shows again and again. Quick footed, athletic, broke, and a big fancy stop! Dwight will get you there and keep you in the right spot on the cattle. No tune ups required for this guy, he has got it every time. This guy will cover big ground and take care of his cattle.
2009 Bay Quarter Horse Gelding
Huck is one personable dude. He just wants to please, and athletic enough to do so. Hes as seasoned as they come and can practically read numbers. Huck can take any rider to the next level, don't miss your chance to own this good looking dude.
2007 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sired by one of the best, One Time Pepto! Lonesome is no exception. She is one amazing mare! With a resume to prove it; she has earned over $18,000 in NCHA. One of the most athletic and talented as any horse in the barn! A blast to ride and a machine in the arena. Fancy, fancy mare that will up your game. She has the speed, strength, and ability to hold up the toughest cow in the pen. Super nice mare, don’t miss her!
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Luna is an 8 year old granddaughter of High Brow Cat. This is a seasoned penning horse that will work for anyone. She’s quick and catty on a cow and knows the game. If you are looking for a horse that you don't need to worry about, Look no further
2010 Red Dun Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Dual Pep
This little mare has got a ton of spark! Very athletic with a lot of speed, with the ability to slow down, and take care someone with a little less experience. Very mature mind, with tons of potential. She would be the perfect horse for anyone, and will grow right along with you, making a perfect match.
2002 Chestnut Quarter Horse Mare
Mindy is an absolute sweetheart with one heck of a resume. She’s won the world and has the heart and power to take you there again. She’s as finished as they come; with a ton of cow and an easy ride. She will put you right where you need be and will take that extra step for you every time. This mare has it all and wants to share it with you.
Pearl Snap
2012 Grulla Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Mecom Blue
This little mare is flashy from the inside out! Little and stocky, yet cowy and quick Pearl will be an excellent horse for any level rider. With a great handle and big moves, she is always there. She will whole heartedly put you right where you want her every time. She stands out in a crowd and will take you far for many years to come!
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Rey Dual
Polly is a money earner in NCHA with over $6,100. She's got a big motor, loaded with cow, and a huge stop. Open level penner and sorter that will always take that extra step needed. Catty in the gate and smooth in the herd. Lightning fast and very quick footed. Rides right in the bridle and is super easy to maneuver. Come feel this girls power for yourself!
2007 Red Roan Quarter Horse Mare
Big time mare that can absolutely fly! Reba is a machine it the sorting pen, absolutely wicked. Point her and go, no leg required. Brave and bold. Reba is as athletic of a horse as you will find. She is super talented and fun! Huge stop and reads a cow great. This horse is a finished heel horse, as well as a penner and sorter. She can go any direction.
2003 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Rogue is one well built Gelding. He’s strong and stout enough to carry any rider. He can really scoot across the pen and drop down and work a cow when needed. With a ton of send and a strong sense for the game, He’s ready to take you to the next level.
2009 Bay Roan Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Mecom Blue
Beautiful mare with a huge heart, and an even bigger personality. This mare has been ridden by open riders as well as beginners. She is one easy horse to ride, you can take her and do anything you can think of. Rosee has been there and done that, and she wants to try her hardest for you.
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
This gelding is one AMAZING athlete. With NCHA earnings over $66,000, it’s safe to say this is one tough guy on a cow. With a big stop and a ton of feel, this guy can go any direction. He will absolutely eat a cow then walk on out of the pen. His potential is limitless, come on out and experience the ride of a lifetime.
Sho Is
 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sho is is as finished as they come. He's an open caliber horse that anyone can ride. He will up your game and take you to the next level with consistence and a ton of try. SHo is, with earnings close to $26000 ncha, is dynamite on a cow. Come try him out, he wont let you down.
2011 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Swagger most definitely lives up to his name, he has got “swag”. This cool, thick gelding is cowy cowy cowy and so dependable. A true open caliber horse who will come down to any level of rider. Swagger is a NCHA money earner of $4000 that can watch a cow like no other. One of the most talented and strong penning horses you will come across!
2011 Bay Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Metallic Cat
Twister is an absolutely stunning horse, with a thick mane and tail. This guy couldn't be any more correct on a cow, with a huge sweep and a ton of feel, you wont be losing any cows in the pen on this guy. He's an NCHA money earner, and by one of the top stallions around. This guy will not disappoint.

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